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Albertans to Notley NDP government: We still don’t want your carbon tax. #ableg #abpoli #calsun #yyc


Remember Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo, and all those targeted by terrorists for wear…


.@EP_President @cafreeland @PaulMagnette Who cares if it's the "last mile"? Millions of Europeans and Canadians told you to stop. So, stop!

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Week ending October 14th, 2016 Vol 31, No 06

J.P.'s last goodbye — Prentice's delivers his concession speech, following the Progressive Conservative's resounding defeat on May 5, 2015
"Over time this government has lost its way. And watching from afar, I was as frustrated and disappointed as anyone. I wasn't at the table when those decisions were being made. But I'm at the table now.
Jim Prentice in his acceptance speech after winning the PC leadership contest on Sept. 5, 2014

Inside this week

A second tragedy for Jim Prentice, this one fatal
Sandra Jansen finally jumps into the PC leadership fray
From South Porcupine to a hilltop near Kelowna: the Prentice timeline
Justin alights in Medicine Hat to endorse Mr. Sakamoto

Top Story

The news that was seeping around the corridors of Calgary Friday morning seemed to hard to believe. Jim Prentice killed in a plane crash? It seemed too random, too serendipitous, too much of bad thing. Then a ridiculous thought: the poor man had already suffered enough, so it couldn’t be true.

But then the tweets and the RSS feeds started streaming down the side of the computer screen. Prentice and three others had been flying out of Kelowna on Thursday night in a rainstorm in an older Cessna Citation 500 I jet.

It ploughed into the hillside at around 10:30 p.m.Prentice, 60, who’d lately taken a job as an energy industry…

Political Pulse

After weeks of coyness, MLA Sandra Jansen, 53 (Calgary-North West) finally announced her candidacy for the Progressive Conservative leadership contest. She joins MLA Richard Starke (Vermilion-Lloydminster), former Calgary-Varsity MLA Donna Kennedy-Glans, Calgary lawyer and failed 2015 PC candidate in Calgary-Bow Byron Nelson, 45, and (cue the organ music) former Calgary-Midnapore federal MP Jason Kenney, 47.

Jansen, a former Citytv news reader and a bright red Tory obsessed with LGBT rights who campaigned for two federal Liberal candidates in last fall’s federal election, has been the most vociferous of the anti-Kenney gang. She has said she will quit the party if Jason becomes leader and proceeds with his plan to dissolve the party and meld its non-progressive faction with like-minded conservatives from the Wildrose to create a united right party.

Her delay in announcing may have something to do with the time it took for her to raise the cash, not just the $30K non-refundable leadership entry fee, but the pay that storied campaign manager Stephen Carter, 51, (Naheed Nenshi, Alison Redford) may require. He’s the guy who,